365Playground Partners with Esteemed MongoliaConsults

365Playground Management is happy to announce our newest partnership with MongoliaConsults, a business consulting firm providing a broad portfolio of services set to tap the opportunities offered by Mongolia’s fast-paced growth.

Their clients are both international corporations looking for business and investment opportunities in Mongolia as well as Mongolian businesses looking for expansion abroad.MongoliaConsults’ strong international expertise, combined with their first-hand knowledge of Mongolia, makes them an outstanding partner to both international and Mongolian clientele.

Further enhancing the spectrum of support available to their clients in achieving business and investment goals, a founding partner of MongoliaConsults currently serves as the Representative of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) in Thailand.

While performing their work with integrity and professionalism, MongoliaConsults strongly promotes fair business practices, and fosters an environment of openness and respect for clients, partners and employees.

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