Experiencing Nicaragua, Via Magna Children at Risk

Magna Children at Risk

photo credit: Martin Bandzak

365Playground partner Magna Children at Risk has been working for more than 10 years in the field, with over 350 aid workers helping save children’s lives. The work they’ve accomplished is impressive and ground-breaking, and thus we’ve invited them to guest blog for us from time to time, in order for us to receive and share a more personal and detailed perspective of their work in the field.

Enjoy the post below regarding their work in rural areas of Nicaragua, and please visit their website at www.magnachildrenatrisk.org.

In 2011, MAGNA’s Mobile Clinic (MMC) project in Nicaragua became fully operational, offering sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment; HIV testing; improvements to maternal, infant and child survival by providing vaccinations, micro-nutrient and nutrition provisions, prenatal and postnatal care and advising on better hygiene and sanitation practices; and special counseling by practicing psychologists for victims of domestic and sexual violence. We work in partnership with Nicaragua’s Ministry of Health, reaching thousands of children living in the remote and rural communities of Leon, who might otherwise not have access to health services.

In addition, MAGNA launched a primary healthcare program to improve access to basic and emergency medical care for the isolated communities in rural areas of the Subtiava region of Leon where there are approximately 8.327 inhabitants living in 1.487 families in these 10 communities: Abangasca Norte, Abangasca Central, Abangasca Sur Goyena, Sur, Nueva Vida, Troilo, Los Barzones, Clariza Cardenas, Carlos Canales, Las Parcelas.

The project monitors growth rates, supplies vaccinations, distributes vitamins, and educates young people about proper hygiene and sanitation, nutrition, infectious disease protection and much more. We also train community health care workers to treat the most common childhood diseases. Over the last three years, we’ve increased the scope and scale of these health programs, building from initially treating general illnesses like diarrhea and pneumonia to adding treatment for malaria, malnutrition, pregnancy complications and STD’s, HIV testing and psychosocial support.

Confronting the need for clean drinking water and proper sanitation, another MMC project helps identify the need, design and build wells and latrines for the families in rural areas where MMC operates.

Our work in Nicaragua encompasses a large segment of vulnerable communities, lending direct medical assistance from the MMC, including nutritional support, education and trainings, close follow up through home base care visits and the creation of sanitation systems, decreasing the rate of adolescent pregnant women and ensuring the basic living conditions and hygiene standards through access and management of local water and sanitation systems.

All of these services from the MMC are free of charge, and to ensure equity and accessibility, the mobile clinic makes routine everyday visits to the communities around Subtiava. Lastly, the clinic plays an educational role by promoting awareness of health issues in the communities and working closely alongside local health authorities and community inhabitants.

Learn more about the work we do and see photos from our work in the field at our website, www.magnachildrenatrisk.org.

Photo credits:  Martin Bandzak

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