Sports-Lovers, Discover the Perfect Place to Train and Rest

The new Thanyapura Sports Hotel recently opened in Phuket, Thailand, offering everyone from international athletes to holidaying amateur athletes a unique experience amongst the one-of-a-kind Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club facilities.

From the creative concept of  365Playground founder Martin Michalik this newest addition to the Thanyapura brand was designed and developed. Here, amateur and professional athlete guests are able to make use of the world-class athletic facilities of Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club, training to the gorgeous tropical views of Phuket,  while also enjoying the highest standard of quality hotel living.

Highlighting this concept is the artwork of 365Playground partner, Gregory Burns, gracing the hotel’s guest rooms and public space. Gregory’s fascinating journey — from contracting polio as a baby to winning gold in several Paralympics, and on to his current status as an internationally renowned artist and motivational speaker — represents all the passion, inspiration and hard work of athletes the world over.

The 77-room hotel has four accommodation types – Sports Room (32sqm), Energy Room (32sqm), Champion Studio (63sqm) and Legend Studio (63sqm), some allowing guests to soak in views of the mountains and stunning Olympic-standard pool.

While Thanyapura Sports Hotel is open to all, those with sporting interests — or interested in becoming sporty! — will enjoy the inspiring environment  while soaking in the high standard of comfort and service in Phuket.

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