Creating a place with soul in the very heart of Phuket was the whole reason Project Artisan was dreamed up and created. 

Eclectic display of contemporary and traditional elements of Kingdom of smiles mixed with inspiring food and artisanal vibe was born for all who appreciate natural outdoor spaces and love to take full advantage of Phuket’s tropical climate and lush greenery.

Hang out spot where you can gather, eat, relax, find inspiration, shop, work, learn something new, meet friends or just chill on your own. 

Project Artisan is an act of love for Thailand meant to be shared with all who deeply appreciate the land of smiles and wholesome balanced Lifestyle.

Embracing the culture of the country many visit or choose to call home our aim was to capture the essence of old Siam and modern Thailand while giving you the opportunity to spend time in a well-balanced space for coffee, lunch, cocktail, dinner or even just to buy a bread.


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