For Siebert + Talas, architectural cultivation = quality of life. Architecture cannot be turned off, thrown out transferred or ignored — it influences people’s lives for decades. Through our work, we wish to contribute to the development of architecture and improve the world’s environment. We achieve this through synergy between all contributing parameters, which influences results in such a way that the result is as close to the ideal as possible.

We value our clients’ opinions and strive to exceed their expectations and thereby increase the value of their investment. The client is considered part of the team and has the option of joining in all stages. Our internally developed information system and production cycle secures an overview, responsibility, deadline discipline and process coordination. Through cost control, respective projects are monitored with the aim to adhere to the investment budget. Plus, our designs undergo strict investment expenditure feasibility and practicality control.

Our difference comes from professionalism in each and every detail, an inventive and systematic approach, expense control, international know-how and much more.

We look after our clients’ satisfaction with the same enthusiasm we have as we create our unique architecture.


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