Amazing Nature • Smiling People • Delicious Food

We found all this and much more when our family moved to Thailand in 2006. We’re so grateful to live in such an amazing country, and as we celebrate its beauty with our product line, we are also committed to giving back to those in need.

All our products are made in Thailand from local sources, giving work to local people, supporting local communities.  A selection of our products can be seen below.  To view all Fanthaistic products, visit:


To help Thailand be even more fanthaistic and full of smiles, we dedicated 10% of our profit to support projects in need especially close to our hearts, so every purchase you make helps to support a local non-profit charity: Child Watch Phuket.

Child Watch Phuket

12244628_410189455854947_1316034886537669176_oChild Watch Phuket is a legal non-government organization, set up and managed by the local community to provide less-fortunate children with health care and basic education. The particular charity we are supporting under Child Watch Phuket is Child Care Center – where every purchase of our products donates money for children’s food program. By protecting, assisting and taking care of children’s rights effectively the organization has been recognized by Ministry of Social Development & Human Security and received a Royal Award for its Legal & Protection Emphasis on the Right & Care of Children and Youth.

Thank you for being fanthaistic!

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