HMS Thailand

HMS Thailand stands as your dedicated partner in elevating the success of small and medium-sized Hotels and Resorts across Asia. Boasting over 20 years of collective expertise in Hotel management and Sales and Marketing, we understand the challenges faced by today’s Hotel Owners and General Managers. With their attention consumed by operational demands, the intricate task of daily revenue management often takes a back seat.


In a landscape where competition is relentless, staying informed about the nuances of the Hospitality Business is paramount. HMS Thailand steps in to alleviate this burden, empowering you to thrive in the dynamic hospitality market. Our commitment extends to providing independent Hotel owners and General Managers with comprehensive market research and insights into the ongoing performance of sales and marketing activities.


What sets us apart is our unique perspective, derived from extensive hotel consulting experience. We collaborate with you to craft a strategic plan that not only aligns with your hotel’s core values but also identifies markets to tap into and new target audiences to attract. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to boost your hotel’s revenue, aligning the interests of tour operators with the productivity levels of your management.


Experience the difference with HMS Thailand—a partner focused on elevating REVPAR and enhancing the overall financial performance of your property. Thrive in the competitive landscape with our tailored solutions that make success in the Hospitality industry not just achievable but sustainable.



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