International Institute of Modern Butlers

The International Institute of Modern Butlers LLC is dedicated to raising service standards through innovative on-site and long-distance training, consultation, books, and articles that develop, modernize, and adapt the superior service standards of the old-time British butler to service professionals in any industry and market around the world.

The Institute’s goals include: Employers well served by employees who are capable of intelligently executed, anticipatory, and invisible service; increased service levels, morale and efficiency, and thus lower costs and turnover.

While the Institute provides all the usual training on mechanical skills, it has found that where employers routinely experience the most disappointment lies in the soft skills of their staff. The Institute’s specialty, therefore, is in the skills and mindset of the traditional butler as applied to the modern world’s service needs.

By focusing on developing the mindset, persona, attitude, reading of employers and communication skills, the Institute’s trainers are able to ground the modern-day employee in the tried and proven approach to service developed by butlers over a millennium.

Whether establishing service for the first time or raising service standards in private, hospitality, or corporate employees, the Institute’s consultants and trainers around the world can help achieve your goals.

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