The Way I Feel

THE WAY I FEEL ( is a Phuket-based boutique  offering retail consultancy and product sourcing for hotels and resorts, assisting  them in choosing personalized, designer gifts for their guests and corporate partners.

The Way I Feel launched in late October 2012, offering carefully handpicked pieces from well-known Asian brands and some of Phuket’s best designers and shops.

The Way I Feel Collection is available on a wholesale basis for hotel boutiques and other retailers. All products are sensitive to the region they are sold and can be tailored to specific destinations or resorts with a selection of images or usage of company logos.

Michaela Michalik, founder of The Way I Feel, has always been fascinated by finding the most beautiful objects in places least expected, using the markets and small art studios of Southeast Asia as an endless treasure hunt and playground.

Desiring to reach beyond the standard items found in malls, Michalik says, “I felt that people visiting beautiful tropical destinations with rich cultures deserved a better selection of traditional handicrafts and contemporary designs then they are often given. The same also applies to Asia‘s young designers and talented craftsmen — they deserve a platform to showcase their creativity.”

The Way I Feel is committed to bringing unique items that will remind travellers of their special experiences long after they return home. Items which they will proudly display in their homes, wear or give as a gift. Each item is a handpicked, authentic product inspired by Asian cultures and designed with the Western Lifestyle in mind.

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