Pushing the Limits

Do you love taking things to the extreme? You’re not alone — Nitro City, the world’s first action sports resort, invites action-addicted guests to live, play, rest and refuel.

It is the “refueling” which Alex Nassar, 365Playground’s Culinary & Kitchen Management Specialist, dedicates himself to as he sets up the entire Food & Beverage operation at Nitro City, the truly groundbreaking new resort concept in Panama City.

Alex has always been up for taking a risk — born in Brazil, he began working in his family’s restaurant when he was 12 years old. While he always knew he was meant to create exceptional cuisine, his family encouraged him to continue on to university, where he completed three courses in Engineering, Pharmacy and Hotel Management. Even after completing these courses, he knew his true path was in becoming a chef. Following that dream, after university he completed a culinary course, and his future was set, working with three 3 Michelin star restaurants, 5-star hotels, opening a Thai restaurant in Monaco, and working with lauded chefs including Claude Troisgros and Ferran Adria.

All of these experiences brought Alex to Nitro City. This extreme sport hotel (partnered with Nitro Circus, the action sport collective led by Travis Pastrana) is tailored toward those who love action sports, including skydiving, kitesurfing, and motocross.

We at 365Playground love the innovation, creativity and passion behind Nitro City. Let us know if you find your way there for some extreme adventure, and of course, some excellent cuisine from Alex!

photo credit: Nitro City

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