Bringing Art — and the Artist — to Guests

365Playground clients have a unique opportunity to not only bring culture and art to their guests, but to involve their guests in its creation.

365Playground partner, Gregory Burns, has been engaged by over a dozen different luxury resorts worldwide as an Artist in Residence. While hosting an Artist in Residence is a concept well known to many, Gregory brings his own unique aspects to complement a property’s own personality. For years, museums, galleries and associations have invited artists to reside at given locations and devote themselves to their art. Over the last 13 years, Gregory has taken his art to such distinguished locations as Alila properties, Four Seasons, Shangri-La, and Anantara.

While in residence at a property, Gregory paints in and around the resort, capturing its essence and atmosphere, as well as any icons or highlights of the surroundings. Working from an on-site studio, guests are allowed a once-in-a-lifetime experience of interacting directly with a world-renowned artists, as well as take classes. His series inspired by the resort are then showcased at an exhibition.

All this is merely a snapshot of  how resorts can provide their guests with that next step in culture and the arts; watch these videos below to enjoy the scope of Gregory’s work as an artist in residence.



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