Sankara Nairobi’s Iconic Work in Branding

2012 was a wonderful year for several 365Playground projects, including Sankara Nairobi.

Sankara was awarded a Finalist Award for exceptional branding and visual identity at the prestigious World Luxury Awards. The awards, held in Monte Carlo with an international jury from 10 countries, focus exclusively on luxury brands and recognise the very best of creativity in luxury design. Other well-recognized luxury brands competing for these awards included Maserati, MontBlanc, Dior, Shiseido, and Evian.

Sankara Nairobi was the only African company to receive the award in 2011. Sankara created a strong identity to reflect both a modern international luxury standard, as well as authentic references to the culture of new Africa. This concept resulted in several visual representations created for the property, each representing new Africa, including the iconic Sankara logo, based upon a zebra’s facial markings.

Brand development is a crucial part of any venture, and was meticulously integrated throughout Sankara to compliment both the aesthetic design of the hotel itself as well as the vision behind the hotel.

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