A Revolution in Glassware

Beautiful wine belongs in beautiful glassware, wine lovers will agree. And so a new revolution in the world of glassware has appeared — HELICIUM, the creation of Arnaud Baratte.

365Playground partner Wine IEC is the exclusive exporter of this award-winning glassware, made from the new resistant material Kwarx®, which is created without lead oxide and composed of materials without negative impact to the environment. Kwarx® allows for the absolute brightest quality of glass and promotes the development of its contents.

The use of this innovative material to create Baratte’s HELICIUM glassware has resulted in praise from Robert M. Parker Jr., a leading U.S. wine critic with an international influence, as well as the following accolades:


-Winner of Janus de l’industrie Eco-Design Category

-Winner of Oseo Innovation 2010

-Winner of Talents 2009 – Concours de Talents de création d’entreprise

Watch the video below, as Parker demonstrates HELICIUM’s many fine qualities.


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