Getting on Board with Digital Branding

While the world louder and louder about content marketing, digital branding, social media and the countless ways technology is changing the face of hospitality, the question remains for many how and why their brand can and should invest their efforts to making use of this vast shift from traditional marketing and branding techniques.

To many, digital branding and social media are still used as a minor supplement to traditional methods. However, particularly in the luxury hospitality field, digital tools should be looked upon as much more than another way to advertise and market to guests. Qube Studio’s work with Four Seasons particularly stands out as a brand differentiating itself in this area.

No longer can a brand simply force the message they want heard upon the consumer; rather brands are forced — willingly or unwillingly — to engage in conversations with their consumers, thus creating a natural environment in which to hear and adapt to what the consumer wants.

Most brands have already converted in some form or another to this way of thinking. However, many go grudgingly, and still miss the subtleties of using digital technology to create a unique and personalized experience for a luxury consumer.

Robert Rippee, Senior Vice President of Marketing for The Venetian and The Palazzo since December 2011, previously ran his own luxury marketing consultancy based in Charleston, South Carolina and taught luxury marketing in the MBA program at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. Here, Forbes speaks with him about his extensive luxury experience and particularly his views on how hospitality marketing changes for the better using digital branding.

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