Extreme Sports and Environmental Education: Leisure Activists Group

photo credit: Ben Mason

Kite surfing and stand up paddling from Tonga to Australia? If that sounds extreme to you, well… it is! But Captain Adrian Midwood of Leisure Activist Group (LAG) is capable of this and more. With a mission to educate and enjoy, Midwood and his team are introducing action sports into the lives of travelers. As we see a trend in the interests of leisure travelers looking for a bit more to their holidays than lounging on the beach, organizations such as LAG become more and more relevant.

Don’t despair, not all trips involve such extreme physicality. Other LAG activities for the whole family include yacht charters, sailing, scuba diving, whale swimming and two week long educational programs focusing on IYT and PADI accredited certifications, teambuilding, leadership, safety and environmental stewardship. Not all of his trips are only for the pleasure and passion of sport — Midwood’s 2012 expedition from Tonga to Australia raised funds for educational programs in the islands.

Midwood was also featured alongside his solar/sail boat, the S.V. Moana, on the Australian TV program Creek to Coast, a water based outdoor-adventure-lifestyle program showcasing the best four wheel driving, boating, fishing, water sports, caravanning and camping from Great South East and Queensland.

Midwood is a Canadian born outdoor enthusiast, with over 12 years experience in both hospitality and the action sports industry—snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, sailing and kite boarding. As a PADI Instructor and M.C.A. Master of Yachts, Adrian has a wide breadth of nautical experience from 10ft tenders to 200ft yachts and a deep love for working and playing on and in the water.

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