Promising Outlook for International Tourism in 2013

photo credit: photo by tylerdurden1 on Flickr

The World Tourism Organization UNWTO gives very encouraging news with their latest report on 2013’s forecast of growth in the tourism industry.

Asia and the Pacific regions did particularly well in 2012, leading by region, and overall, international tourist arrivals grew by 4% in 2012 to reach 1.035 billion.

According to UNWTO:

International tourist arrivals grew by 4% in 2012 to reach 1.035 billion, according to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer. Emerging economies (+4.1%) regained the lead over advanced economies (+3.6%), with Asia and the Pacific showing the strongest results. Growth is expected to continue in 2013 only slightly below the 2012 level (+3% to +4%) and in line with UNWTO long term forecast.

With an additional 39 million international tourists, up from 996 million in 2011, international tourist arrivals surpassed 1 billion (1.035 billion) for the first time in history in 2012. Demand held well throughout the year, with a stronger than expected fourth quarter.

By region, Asia and the Pacific (+7%) was the best performer, while by sub-region South-East Asia, North Africa (both at +9%) and Central and Eastern Europe (+8%) topped the ranking.

Read more about 2013’s great tourism potential in the  full UNWTO report here.

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