Open Air Channels for the Maldives and Mauritius

photo credit: Republic of Mauritius

If you missed the news, travelers of Maldives and Mauritius are now able to fly directly between two of the world’s most beautiful islands.

In late February, Maldives and Mauritius signed a bilateral air services agreement for the commencement of operating direct air flights between the two countries. Maldivian Acting Minister for Transport and Communication, Mohamed Nazim and Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Xavier Luc Duval from Mauritius cemented the agreement on behalf of their respective countries.

With this new agreement, seven flights a week are available.

More than simply making movement simpler between the two countries, the agreement will also assist both countries strengthen their work in environmental and marine management.

At the signing, Duval stated, “This is a historical agreement which is bringing us closer to a sister island. I hope this is the first step in a collaboration between the two islands in the fields of environmental and marine management as well as island development.”

Nazim also added, “This bilateral air services agreement is very important as it strengthens the bilateral ties between our two countries, increases our connectivity and opens the door for commercial cooperation as well.”


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