Beautiful, Intriguing, Sustaining Salt

Saltworks by Motoi Yamamoto, photo credit: Motoi Yamamoto

Salt has a long and wonderful history with humanity — from basic survival to the ubiquitous seasoning to food preservation to its use in artwork (depicted in the beautiful and touching video below), it is a mighty mineral that we may take for granted.

Take a closer look at salt through the eyes of Fine Dining Lovers’s “Salt Facts and Figures: 26 Things You Need to Know”, including such tidbits as:

“Champagne: A little tip to keep your champagne well chilled for longer: add a few spoonfuls of coarse salt to the ice in the bucket.”

“India: The exquisite black Indian salt (kala namak) comes from volcanic rocks. It is used extensively in masala dishes and is often sprinkled on fruit.”

“Japanese theaters: In Japanese theatres, it used to be customary, before each performance to throw salt on the stage to drive evil spirits away.”

Intrigued? Learn the other 23 facts and figures here.


And for a closer look at how salt can be used in art, watch this video of Japanese artist Yamamoto Motoi, who, after losing his sister to brain cancer, memorialized her in his labyrinthine installations of poured salt. After his installations are displayed for a few weeks, the public is invited to help destroy it, repackage the salt, and throw it back into the sea.

Return to the Sea: Saltworks by Motoi Yamamoto from John Reynolds & Lee Donaldson on Vimeo.

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