MAGNA Children at Risk — Activities in the Field

Images say more than words ever can, which is why we’re sharing 365Playground partner, MAGNA Children at Risk’s latest accomplishments in the field through their wonderful photography. Scroll through the images below and learn more about their work in combating malnutrition, mortality due to pregnancy and childbirth, and much more.

NUTRITION: A cooking course that MAGNA holds as a part of its enlightenment program in communities – Kinshasa, DRC. The meetings are prepared by Magna field workers, demonstrating the preparation of balanced nutrition for children from locally available ingredients.

photo credit: Andrea Stránska/MAGNA

EDUCATION: Along with treating malnutrition, MAGNA also focuses on counseling about healthy eating in its nutrition projects. Every form of malnutrition is connected to certain nutrients that a child’s diet lacks.

photo credit: Andrea Stránska/MAGNA

PREGNANCY & CHILDBIRTH: Within its basic medical care in South Sudan, MAGNA employs, trains and equips many local midwives that ensure pregnant women safe, hygienic childbirth, even outside of a medical centre. According to the United Nations Population Fund, the mortality of mothers in this country is 2.054 per 100.000 born children — the highest mortality in the world. Therefore, one of the main aims of MAGNA in South Sudan is the increase in quality of access to medical services, especially for pregnant and nursing mothers. You can help too – only 10 € will provide safe childbirth and hygienic packages for a mother and her child.

photo credit: Martin Bandžák/MAGNA

WATER & SANITATION: MAGNA focuses on the treatment of diseases caused by the intake of contaminated water, with 1,350,000 people dying each year due to water, sanitation and hygiene related diseases. Most of these deaths — as much as 90% — are children under the age of 5. In South Sudan in 2012, MAGNA treated 4,000 children under the age of 5, suffering from diarrheal diseases.

photo credit:MAGNA

MALNUTRITION: Democratic Republic of Congo has the second highest malnutrition in the world. MAGNA provides treatment for patients of acute malnutrition in 12 medical centers in Kinshasa. Thanks to the support of the community and local medical workers, MAGNA is able to treat over 300 children each month.

photo credit: Andrea Stránska/MAGNA

VISION OF MAGNA: The vision of MAGNA – to whom, how and where their (and your) help goes to in South Sudan.

photo credit: Martin Bandzak/MAGNA


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