Farm to Table: A Visual Exploration

For lovers of both food and the farm-to-table movement, AFAR Magazine brings you beautifully shot videos representing an entire movement to bring the origins of food, culture, and people together. And for a unique in-person experience, visit 365Playground project, Thanyamundra Organic Estate in Khao Sok, Thailand. There, wander through a working organic farm nestled in paradise and pick the fresh fruits and vegetables for your luxury dinner.

Here are three videos to inspire a new love for food, culture and people.

“Live to Eat” by Semipermanent, explores the authentic flavors of Seoul, South Korea.


Farm To Table—Harmony Hotel, Nosara Costa Rica” by iSeeiTravel, follows a dish from the garden to the plate — short, sweet and delicious to watch.

““Coconut: Nose To Tail” by Perennial Plate in partnership with Intrepid Travel documents the myriad uses of one delicious coconut.

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