Outstanding in the Field

It might seem as though the farm to table movement is new, but for those such as Jim Denevan, it has always been a way of life.  Denevan is the creator of Outstanding in the Field, a 15-year long project bringing food lovers and farmers together in mutual appreciation of cuisine.

Outstanding in the Field is a moving restaurant without the constraints of a stationary building. From a rooftop farm in Brooklyn, New York, to big and small farms across the U.S. and Canada, Denevan’s idea celebrates not only chefs and culinary design, but the unsung heroes — farmers. The collaboration between farmers, talented chefs, and the ordinary food lover helps transcend the typical understanding of food and its origins.

Read more about Outstanding in the Field and Jim Denevan in his interview with Fine Dining Lover’s.

Take a peek at some of their most beautiful dining venues in nature below from Midwestern farms, to mountain ranges and the sea.

photo credit: Outstanding in the Field




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