Pioneering Technology: AeroMobil

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Flying cars? A thing of science fiction, most might think. However, we are thrilled to offer our congratulations to Slovakia’s Štefan Klein and Juraj Vaculik and their team for taking what most might see as fiction and turning it into reality.

As early as 1940, Henry Ford predicted, “Mark my word: A combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come.”

Now, it is here. As a company, we’re always searching for a way to create a niche, unique and of course, convenient way of delivering the perfect guest experience. Thus, we see in AeroMobil the future — whether for flying a client in for a brief meeting from Male to Sri Lanka, or simply making sure we are everywhere the client needs us to be.

365Playground founder Martin Michalik — a good friend of AeroMobil co-founder Juraj Vaculik — envisions a day when he’ll be able to drop his daughter off at school, fly to Singapore for a meeting and still pick her up in the afternoon. All without the long waits, delays and hassle of current day air travel.

The AeroMobil is a “roadable aircraft”, designed to make full use of both existing road and air infrastructure. It will fit into your standard parking space, and re-fill at a gas station, created to drive on roads and highways and take off and land at any airport.

Aspiring to become the first real roadable aircraft, the AeroMobil was designed to accommodate the driver and passenger comfortably.

Ready to fly? Watch this video of the maiden flight of the Aeromobil 2.5 flying car prototype.

photo credits: AeroMobil

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