Brazil’s Newest Dining Experience: ASSUQ

The creative mind behind Brazil’s newest dining experience, ASSUQ, finds that the simplicity of life moves him to create. As executive chef and 365Playground team member Alex Nassar says, “To be alive and healthy is an inspiration.” That purity and simplicity translates well at ASSUQ, where key philosophies and elements — simplicity, freshness, local, the best cuts of meat, and the joy of community — create an experience to remember. Alex, a veteran of the hospitality industry, was on the ground floor of ASSUQ. From sketching all the spaces, including the dining room and kitchen, to designing the tables, menus and more, his stamp of creativity is reflected throughout the restaurant walls. ASSUQ, which translates to “Market” in Arabic, is a representation of that name, showcasing the best of local meats, as well as acting as a tribute to the founders’ heritage and childhood. What will keep guests coming back for more is Alex’s sincere wish to meet the needs and wants of his customers. His menus are built from the simplest — yet somehow still so rare — of foundations: The customers and the ingredients. As he states, “I cannot cook something that costumers are not willing to taste.” In addition to dining, guests have an opportunity to learn from the best chefs through ASSUQ’s cooking courses. Below, take a visual tour of all ASSUQ has to offer! photo credits: ASSUQ

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