Basque Cuisine Meets Thailand: Phuket’s Aziamendi Restaurant

Martin Michalik is the Founder and Managing Director of 365Playground Management.

I was recently honored to be invited to the soft opening dinner at Aziamendi in Phuket, a new restaurant from acclaimed 3 Michelin star chef Eneko Atxa and the sister restaurant of Azurmendi in Bilbao.

I would like thank to my friends Danny Drinkwater, the GM of Iniala, Chef Alex Burger, Restaurant Manager Behzad Davarikia and their teams for the lovely dinner we enjoyed at Aziamendi. Coming from my years in hospitality, I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed the food, beverages, service, attention to creating unique detail, surprising moments and the overall ambiance.

Aziamendi’s exciting fine dining experience will use Basque techniques blended with Thai ingredients to create something entirely different.

The restaurant was designed by A-cero and inspired by the natural beauty of its surroundings.  Timber waves on the ceiling symbolize the beauty of the Andaman Sea and the tropical landscape is represented by the natural tree like forms of the tables and the lush foliage  reflected in the green velvet of the chairs.

Being a local expat, perhaps the most exciting thing about our dinner was simply knowing that I need not fly far off the island in order to have this great gastronomic and gourmet experience with my family, friends and clients. Well done to the Aziamendi team, and I look forward to coming back soon — and encourage everyone in Phuket to take the drive up north. It is well worth it!

photo credits: Azurmendi

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