The Culinary Vision of Qbara

We would like to extend our congratulations to our friends from Patrick John, Sakura Maruyama and Elmar Pichorner on their opening of chic new restaurant Qbara. Qbara is  the brainchild of JAS Hospitality, bringing forth compelling food combined with immaculate service, all to the glamorous backdrop of Dubai.

With stunning interiors conceived by award-winning Tokyo-based group Studio Glitt (with Noriyoshi Muramatsu), the restaurant reflects a magical juxtaposition of traditional Middle Eastern culture and ultra-contemporary design.

Focusing on Mediterranean Levant style cuisine, Qbara highlights the use of the very best indigenous spices mixed with contemporary cooking methods, creating a culinary vision that bridges the old and the new.

Qbara is a must-visit for everyone’s next visit to Dubai!

photo credits: Qbara

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