2014 Trends: Adapting Technology to Meet Guest Expectations

The Lobby Bar at the Ace Hotel

A recent poll conducted by SmartBrief.com and sponsored by The Wall Street Journal took a close look at the changing demands of hotel guests in regards to their technology expectations during their stay. Rather than an exploration of what the tech industry is projecting, the study really delves into the perspective of everyday travelers. Here’s a list of their top demands:

Adapt to Guests’ Content

The numbers tell us that 99% of guests travel with at least one of their own devices — of that number 45% travel with 2 devices and 40% travel with 3 or more. What does this mean for the hospitality industry? It means they’re bringing their own content with them (movies, games, music), and they expect to enjoy them. This is why syncing services like Shodogg and Roomlinx are expected to grow in 2014 — they allow guests to easily attach their devices to the television and use their own content stream.

Talking to People Isn’t Always Preferable

Over 85% of guests polled preferred using online services for requests like room service or housekeeping, and 91% preferred an automated kiosk to the traditional check in desk.

The Lobby as a Social and Tech Center

Savvy hotels recognize that the Lobby is the intersection of social activity and technology. With communal tables, plenty of outlets and free wifi, guests can soak in the atmosphere, network/meet other guests and get work done.

Invest in Guests

87% of guests polled felt that wifi should definitely be offered as a free amenity. An easy way for hotels to benefit is to offer the free service in exchange for email addresses.

Learn to anticipate your guests’ needs and read on!



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