Everything Active: Giving Back Through the Dream of Sports

Born from the dream of giving back to the South African community founder Leroy Phillips grew up in, Everyone Active is a company that encompasses multiple aspects of sports development and rural development through sporting initiatives.

Growing up in South Africa in the middle of political turmoil created many challenges for children like Phillips. Fortunately he had the opportunity to find an outlet through sport, eventually going on to represent South Africa playing field hockey, and competing in tournaments around the world. Recognizing he was one of the lucky ones who gained from the generosity of others and the encouragement of the sporting community, Phillips has gone on to build Everyone Active for those children who are marginalized due to the lack of opportunities and basic infrastructure in the sporting environment.

Everyone Active Sports identifies areas and communities in dire need of intervention to combat unemployment, anti-social behavior and deteriorating health conditions. Their core business is in raising funds for schools, clubs and communities to build new or upgrade existing sporting facilities, acquire sporting equipment, supply sports coaches and coach educators that deliver education through sports.

“The satisfaction of helping people and giving them a platform to achieve their goals makes this the best job in the world,” says Phillips.

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