Chic and Elegant Mosquito Repellent from TheWayIFeel

If you’re looking for the perfect intersection of a chic, practical¬†and one-of-a-kind gift, TheWayIFeel offers you its custom, all-natural mosquito repellents, STAY OFF and F*** Off.

This original repellent is packaged in a trendy 120 ml amber spray bottle with an elegant satin pouch, for easy — and fashionable — transport in your purse.

The biting, stinging scourge of mosquitoes and bugs will be replaced by the lovely and unique aroma of Lavender, Citronella, Orange and Geranium. It can be used on the body or as a room spray.

Allowing you to choose your personal style and attitude, TheWayIFeel allows you to choose between the gentler STAY OFF bottle, or, for those who are truly ready to fight mosquitos with a vengeance, the stronger F*** OFF.

Who knew fighting mosquitoes could be so fashionable?

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