Cameron McEvoy, Olympian

photo credit: Speedo

The diversity of the 365Playground team — both in location and experience — means we’re lucky to hear about all exciting work our team members take part in.

Most recently, Ludovic Nourdine, 365Playground Fitness Professional with a long history of managing and training roles within the hospitality and competitive sport, was thrilled to see Cameron McEvoy,  swimmer at the club Ludovic coaches for, come in first in both the 100m and 200m free-style at the Australian Championships.

In 2012, at just 18, McEvoy went to the London Olympics for the 4×100m and 4×200m freestyle relays.

McEvoy is part of the Australian National team and set to go to Commonwealth Games as well as Olympics!

We’re excited to follow McEvoy’s growth as an elite swimmer!



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