Perfecting Continuing Luxury Travel Trends

Centurian Lounge by American Express

While each year brings a host of hot new trends within the travel industry, it is important to fine-tune those concepts created in the years previous. The Telegraph UK highlights some continuing developments that have been adopted and refined to match the tastes of luxury travelers:

Bringing Non-Travel Branding Into the Travel Sector

Non-travel luxury brands have become even more enamoured with the travel industry. American Express opened the Centurion Lounge in 2013 exclusively for its cardholders, and equipped it with fine-dining options from well-known chefs, a family room, and concierge-like services. Burberry took catering to the business travel crowd to an even higher level, by creating Travel Tailoring, a suit collection designed to limit creasing. These suits are crafted from “memory fabric” that retains its shape if creased or crumpled.

Green Becomes the Standard

Responsible travel is no longer a specialty item for a few particular customers – it is quickly becoming the standard, and brands that recognized this have created some exciting opportunities for their customers.
El Nido Resorts in the Philippines offers a responsible holiday by strongly supporting local business and economy — almost 90 % of all staff members (including senior management) are from the local area. All food is sourced from local farms and guests receive complimentary bags and slippers woven by locals.

Looking to Our Peers

Peer-to-Peer travel platforms tend to speak to mid-market and budget travelers, but the luxury sector has entered the market as well. Communities such Architects House Exchange, which allows architects around the world to swap their homes for travel. Membership is open only to those members of a national association of architects. For other high-end travellers, PlateCulture connects amateur chefs in various countries to host meals in their homes for paying guests, giving travellers an authentic culinary.

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