Healthier Children with 365Playground’s Chef Tammasak Chootong

With childhood obesity on the rise around the world, an international school in Phuket, Thailand, has taken countermeasures with the help of 365Playground’s Chef Tammasak (Noi) Chootong, owner of the popular Phuket restaurant Suay.

Having trained in Germany and worked at a Michelin star restaurant and several luxury hotel brands, Chef Noi has won several awards for his work around the world. But when he was approached by the school to help them with their healthier eating initiative, he found it a worthy cause to craft delicious yet nutritious lunches for children.

As he told the Phuket Gazette, “Some people tell me, ‘kids won’t eat vegetables’, but I try to incorporate everything into each meal, so I add salad and vegetables and let the kids decide if they want to eat them. Even if they don’t eat it, I try again, and gradually will taste it, and hopefully start to like it.”

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