Iniala Donates 100% of August Room Revenues to Inspirasia Foundation

Earlier this summer we discussed corporate social responsibility, and all the way it has been done — both right and wrong. One hotel brand that caught our interest in this regard is Iniala Beach House in Phuket. Iniala donates 10% of all room revenues, not profits, as well as 5% of other revenues to the essential health and education for some of the most marginalised families across Asia through their Inspirasia Foundation, year round.

Even more, Iniala’s in-house restaurant gastronomic restaurant by 3 Michelin Star chef Eneko Axta, Aziamendi, also donates 5% of revenues (not profits) to Inspirasia projects, year round.

Amazingly, Iniala’s charity work goes far deeper than that. Through the Rooms to Inspire auction, Iniala is donating fully 100% of room revenues to Inspirasia Foundation projects through this month of August, which they expect to generate six figures for the local nonprofits Inspirasia supports.

The entire Iniala team contribute their expertise to support Inspirasia projects. For example, Danny Drinkwater, Iniala general manager, has been an incredible supporter in Bali and was a big factor both in his hospitality acumen and in his networks making an Inspirasia fundraiser last year highly successful.  The fundraiser brought in US$80,000, which goes a very long way in health and education in Southeast Asia.

Inspirasia Foundation specialises in business and philanthropy, hand in hand, and is supported by all of owner Mark Weingard’s businesses globally as well.

Learn more about Inspirasia’s approach to philanthropy here.

Read some of the personal stories from people they’ve helped here: Ayu’s story and Kadek’s story.

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