Deep Dive Into the Kitchen

At the heart of hospitality is food — fresh, local, spicy, chilled, sweet, any and all cuisines. And so we dedicate a little time today to take a deeper look into the kitchen, with the help of two informative infographics!

First, take a little bit of knowledge a long way with this infographic by Kit Stone, which picks 3 staple spices from global cuisines and helps you create a foundation for recipes from 36 different countries! The beautiful graphic illustrates just how close — and far — we come culturally when we set down these ingredients side by side.

Next, this infographic from the Greatist helps us get down to one of the most basic elements in your kitchen — your refrigerator.

Have you been storing food without regard to their proper place? This graphic will help you get the best out of all your products, by educating you on the individual uses for each compartment. This will make a huge difference in how long your food stays fresh and tasty!

Print out these infographics and use each day to get the most out of your culinary adventures!

Source: Fine Dining Lovers

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