Marriott Looks to Block Wifi Access

Hospitality chain Marriott and hotel lobby American Hospitality & Lodging Association are taking on the likes of Google and Microsoft in their quest for wifi control within their conference areas. In their petition to the FCC, they’ve requested permission to block guests’ ability to use their phones as wifi hotspots within event spaces, forcing them to use Marriott’s own connection, which run from $250 and $1,000 for conference exhibitors and attendees.

Marriott’s argument towards this end is in the name of security, suggesting that guests could use their smartphones to launch an attack against a hotel’s wifi network or threaten other guests’ privacy by stealing their credit card data or other personal information.

The wireless industry lobby, Microsoft, Google and other wireless providers have all asked the FCC not to accept Marriott’s request, saying that it is not in the public’s interest.

Marriott’s request seems to take the future of hospitality back a decade or more, actively alienating their guests by jamming their access to the world. Read more about the case and let us know what you think! 

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