Shinta Mani: Siem Reap’s One-of-a-Kind Experience

Southeast Asia is alive with splendid top-tier hospitality options, which makes a truly “unique” experience a highly coveted quality. However, past Shinta Mani has long strived (and succeeded) in meeting the requirements of a one-of-a-kind stay. Mixing a top-notch level of care for their guests, sincere care for their community, and expertly designed surroundings, Shinta Mani wins over the hearts of their visitors. From Romancing the Planet:

“As you get to the hotel, you immediately feel welcome and wanted, as the hotel staff will greet you with Cauvee Jean Louis Sparkling Wine and a whole lot of happiness attached to the greeting. As if Sparkling Wine was not enough upon arrival, you’ll also be helping and legitimizing the Shinta Mani Foundation with every action you do in the hotel.”


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