10 Minute Tip for Crafting the Perfect Customer Service Experience

Crafting a top notch customer service for your guests can seem overwhelming, no matter how hard you work at it and no matter how much advice you get.
Still, Forbes magazine manages to do a pretty good job in distilling some key points to perfecting your customer service, and in 10 minutes no less!

It might take a little longer than that, but here’s the one key thing Forbes advises: A daily “lineup”.

This lineup is a daily, very short, “huddle” with your employees held every day at the same time each day, where you discuss a single aspect of service, such as one of your guiding service principles, accompanied by an example of an encounter with a particular customer.  A different employee can (and perhaps should) lead the lineup each day, thus learning and teaching at the same time.

Read the entire article here to learn more.

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