365Playground Announces Partnership with Just Pure

365Playground is pleased to announce the partnership with the organically inspired holistic beauty company Just Pure.

Gabriela Just, a well-known fitness icon in Europe, developed the JUST PURE moon phase concept years ago, and recently used the philosophy she has used to build the Just Pure products and spa concept from Europe to the United States, putting her personal brand of organic beauty to work across
the globe.

She solely supplies the organic spa Almyra Spa on Paphos beach, Cyprus, which, as the first spa in Cyprus to use Just Pure’s fully organic and carefully cultivated line, made a unique addition to Almrya.

Gaby’s special brand of organic cosmetics relies heavily on the concept that nature, with all its wonders, is the best beauty source out there.

Using this idea, Gaby developed the Just Pure moon phase concept, combining both the unique production method using the anthroposophic criteria for her natural cosmetics as well as in Just Pure’s special beauty and care programs, also dependent on the impulses of the different moon phases.

Between the emphasis of organic ingredients and nature’s influence, Just Pure products creates a wholly new concept for spa guests to both indulge and nurture themselves.

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