Martin Michalik Appointed to Upcycle the Gyres Society Board of Directors

Martin Michalik, 365Playground Founder, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Upcycle the Gyres Society, a Vancouver, BC, organization working to clean up marine plastic garbage and convert it into valuable products such as light crude oil, methanol, their derivatives and intermediates.

Martin joins UGS as a Member of the Board of Directors, representing the Society and helping it develop a network of support within the hospitality and tourism industry internationally.

This latest appointment goes hand in hand with Martin’s history and passion for responsible and sustainable initiatives within the hospitality industry, from organic farming concepts to recycled glass and more.

365Playground Management, in cooperation with its partners, support People and the Planet, including efforts in:

-Creation and management of vocational hospitality schools also available to less privileged youth
-Decreasing numbers of HIV/Aids positive born and malnourished children
-Green & eco friendly hospitality development, construction & operational efforts
-Clean sea, drinking water & renewable resources

Watch this video to learn more about UGS and their work.

photo credit: Upcycle the Gyres Society

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