Zest for Life, Sport and Family: We Welcome New Partner, Renowned Swimmer Martina Moravcová

We are thrilled to welcome Martina Moravcová as our newest partner! Martina became one of the greatest personalities in the history of Slovak sports and for many years now, she has been one of the leading female swimmers in the world.  As a 365Playground partner, Martina will work with us on athletic and sports developments, as well as youth sports development, with an emphasis on swimming.

Martina will work with 365Playground as we strive to build healthy and balanced facilities and programs for both children and families.

A hugely respected sport presence in the United States and Europe, Martina grew up in the former Czechoslovakia, which was a part of the Eastern Block countries separated from the rest of the World by the “iron curtain.” As a 13 year old, she witnessed the “Velvet revolution” in her home country bring an end to the Communist regime. She was a part of the young generation facing new challenges as East and West came together and the door to the World opened instantly. Following the split of Czechoslovakia, Martina became one of the greatest symbols of the newly established Slovakia. Her beautiful personality, talent, and strong work ethic fueled her success, leading to recognition at home and abroad.

Since winning her silver medal in 100m freestyle at the 1993 Sheffield European Championships (LC), she has rarely failed to win a medal at a major event.

Her incredible collection of 67 medals including 2-Olympic, 22-World and 43-European, along with 3-World, 16-European and 207-Slovakian records prove Martina is a force in any meet.

She is destined to go down in FINA World Cup history for winning an amazing 105-gold medals and becoming the overall winner of the World Cup Series three times.

Martina is a:

5-time Olympian (1992,1996,2000,2004 and 2008)
2-time Olympic Silver Medalist
7-time Word Short Course Champion
3-time Silver and 2-time Bronze LC World Championship Medalist
3-time European Long Course Champion
19-time European Short Course Champion

5-time World University Games Champion
14-time NCAA Champion
26-time Conference Champion
4-time US National Champion
10-time US Open Champion

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