2nd Foodie Location Opens in Sitno Forest Resort, Vyhne, Slovakia

It is our pleasure to announce the opening of the second location of Foodie, a culinary studio from Trinity Hotels & Resorts, in Sitno Forest Resort, Vyhne, Slovakia.

Foodie is a culinary studio dedicated to culinary enthusiasts of all generations and all groups, including corporate teams, friends, families and budding chefs. Foodie is specially designed to cater and deliver culinary classes, meetings, team buildings and themed parties.

Foodie is just one of many inspiring pieces that come together to create Trinity Boutique Events and MiniMe.

We would like to congratulate to Trinity Hotels & Resorts’ owners, team and architect Katarina Luciakova in achieving and implementing the 365Playground concept, and bringing to life Slovak culture and history with its own modern twist.

We are incredibly proud to participate in this project, and to create a unique experience not only for Trinity Hotels & Resort, but for Slovakia as well!

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